We advise our invested enterprises in strategy, management/ operation and capital marketing operation; we bring in and blend our industry network and resources with our invested enterprises; we develop our invested enterprises to gain long term competitive advantages along the industry value chain and build a solid foothold in the capital market.


Investment opportunities

The evolution of economic structure has gone through three eras so far: the trade era in the 80s (import and export trading), the manufacturing era in the 90s (low-cost OEM) and the resource-oriented era in the beginning of the 21th century (real estate and mining). Under the dual drivers of capital and industry development, today's economic power has evolved into technology and innovation (Clean energy, advanced materials, environmental industry). EELION keeps focused on companies with industrial technology advantages, as we believe those “traditional” enterprises will usher in a fresh new opportunity derived by the era with the irreversible trend for industrial technology upgradation and emerging markets’ huge economic power.


Invest in & for the future